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My Experience as an Amy Peppercorn Bride

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My Experience as an Amy Peppercorn Bride

Oh, hello! Thanks for stopping by! Allow me to introduce myself :)

My name is Michaela, and I work with Amy Peppercorn Photography as Office Assistant / Marketing Guru. If you see any recent print or online features where Amy’s work was highlighted in a publication, odds are I was the one to get it there! Along with Amy, of course. Because where would we all be without her absolutely jaw-dropping photos? Amiright?

I say this as if I know what it means to have the gift of Amy’s photography chronicling my personal love story. Well, readers, I am fortunate to say that I know firsthand! While I am now part of the APP team, I first connected with Amy back in 2015 when my now-husband and I booked her to cover our wedding. After seeing her plethora of wedding albums, along with meeting her in person, we were easily convinced. We felt strongly about her penchant for capturing genuine, heartfelt moments in an artistic and editorial manner, and we never looked back!

As a bride with Amy, I always felt extremely at ease, which is saying a lot for how much a typical couple wants to control everything involved with their big day! My husband and I were able to trust Amy 100% with our timeline and vision because she felt like a kindred spirit - one that knew what she was doing, and did her best to capture the details that meant the most to us. She was organized, passionate, and super fun to be around every time we met up, whether for a few hours of engagement photos or in her delivering the printed save-the-dates she co-designed with us.

It was clear in every interaction that Amy valued us as clients and we weren’t just another paycheck or another couple. I know now from working with her that she consistently recalls little facts about couples and their wedding days - even the stories of how they met - with ease. She really enjoys getting to know each client, and values the memories of their time together.

My time as an APP bride was so relaxed - you can’t help but feel carefree under Amy’s guidance. The most I had to worry about when having my photos taken was trying to look a normal amount of happy! Between marrying my best friend and having one of the best photographers in — I’m gonna say it — the country photograph you, it makes a girl smile REAL big. Luckily Amy is an expert in capturing the most joyous moments, and every photograph she delivered was flawless.

If you’re not accustomed to having your picture taken, it can be daunting to work with an accomplished photographer. Just remember, the vast majority of Amy’s couples also had no experience with a photoshoot, and if you see her work, you can see why a lack of modeling has no bearing on whether you get outstanding photos from your session! Your investment with Amy is a guarantee to memories sealed in time.

The great thing about shooting with Amy is that she just wants you to be yourself in front of the camera! If you’re feeling silly, she’ll take that energy and maybe direct you and your partner to dance a little, or just face each other holding hands. The rest you don’t even have to worry about (a welcome departure from the rest of wedding planning!). Amy translates small moments into photographic art.

Post-nuptials, my husband and I spent months pondering our wedding album, trying to decide which photo to print on a canvas to join the one we’d printed from our engagement shoot. It wasn’t an easy choice, but we did finally settle on one! The rest of our favorite shots from our big day were assembled into a photobook and a frame of 3 smaller prints.

As you can see, we are unabashedly happy about our choice to work with Amy. Our photos are a constant reminder of one of our favorite days! My experience as an Amy Peppercorn Bride couldn’t have been any better. Thankfully, when I made a career shift from working in fashion to working in the wedding industry, Amy simultaneously found herself needing a little extra help, and the rest fell neatly into place!

I know all my fellow APP couples out there feel just as fortunate as I do - and I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below! How did you find Amy’s work? How you do think choosing Amy contributed to your day?

Have an amazing day! And don’t forget to check back weekly for more blog posts!

~Michaela Neu Barteldt

Other vendors:

Venue: The Athletic Club of Columbus

Videographer: ALC Productions

Rings: William A. Weidinger Jewelry

Dress: Paloma Blanca; Luxe Redux Bridal

Bridal shoes: Michael Kors

Bridal hair/makeup: Lydia Hopmann

Bridesmaid dresses: Wendy’s Bridal

Cake: Resch’s Bakery

Real florals: The Flowerman Columbus

Faux florals: Olde Town Pottery, made by Julie Macala

Bridesmaid gifts: Red Giraffe

Groomsmen gifts: The Tie Bar

Invitation calligraphy: Hilary Carvitti and Helen Neu

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Fall/Winter Engagement Shoot Outfits


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All About Amy


All About Amy

Hey there, dear friends of the internet! Whether you come to this site as a current, future, or former client, or simply as someone who loves beautiful images — welcome! My team and I are excited to explore some fun topics in this long-awaited blog, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride. I have been trying to start this blog for the past few years but have been unsuccessful with keeping up with it so I am excited that this is taking shape and becoming a reality! Welcome to the wedding related ramblings of Amy Peppercorn!


First off, I thought I’d introduce myself so you can put a face and personality (as much as you can fit into a blog post) behind the lens! I am Amy Peppercorn — owner, photographer, and graphic designer for Amy Peppercorn Photography. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, I have been doing this for 5+ years and am really in love with my profession. I have wanted to be a photographer since I was 7 (ask me the story sometime if you want to hear it. It has to do with Paul McCartney) so it’s incredible that I get to live out my dream everyday.

Now, I much prefer sitting down with clients to really get a feel for personalities, but one can never have too many random facts to share! Some random facts about me:

• It has always been my dream to be a concert would seriously make my absolute wildest dreams come true to photograph Arcade Fire, The National, or Modest Mouse.

• I LOVE to travel. I just got back from New York City and have a trip to California in the works next year! In 2012, I traveled to Trinidad and photographed natives in various towns. It was a life changing experience and since then, I definitely have the travel bug! I have always wanted to photograph a country stricken by poverty or war. I really believe that art has the capability to evoke strong enough emotion for people to act and create change, so I would love to do that some day!

• I am a runner and like staying as active as possible. It is super beneficial when keeping my energy up on those long days of shooting wedding photography!

• I love music (The Beatles, anyone??) and my 3 dogs and couldn’t live without either. When people bring their fur babies on engagement shoots or include them in weddings, it makes my life!

• I am a HUGE nerd. Star Wars and Harry Potter all day, erryday. I liked them before it was cool, by the way! Seriously, all the people that now love Star Wars were totally the ones making fun of me wearing my Darth Vader shirt when I was 10 😂

This is a little about me, but I couldn’t do what I do without the gorgeous and amazing couples and families I work with everyday. They make my passion possible! Luckily, you’ll get to see many of their stunning faces right here! We hope you stay tuned as we prepare to bring you into the world of wedding and engagement photography, both behind and in front of the lens :)

‘Til next time!