So, you’ve booked your engagement shoot and you’re excited about getting some amazing and fun shots with your partner that show off your personalities and highlight you as a couple. Who wouldn’t be stoked?! Even if it’s your first time in front of a professional photographer, your engagement shoot should be easy going and low-pressure. Being in the moment often makes for the best photos!

Before your shoot, however, putting thought into the outfit(s) you and your fiancé/ée will wear is of huge importance! Your faces and body language will do wonders to convey the joy and anticipation you feel as a couple during this special time in your lives. But you can tell an even bolder and authentic story by pairing your loving glances with lovely fashion choices.

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone! We have some tips and tricks for choosing the perfect engagement outfits for your time in front of Amy’s camera. Below you’ll see recent AP couples and we’ll talk all about why their outfits worked wonders for their images. As long as you listen to your inner style-maven, you’ll be ready with your engagement looks in no time!

Essentially, you want to focus on these 4 things for a photo-worthy style statement:

  1. Shoot location

  2. Seasonality/weather

  3. Your personalities

  4. A common thread between you and your partner’s look

Above, Hannah and Bryan are showing off their newly committed status in a late October engagement shoot. They’re dressed accordingly for the fall foliage-laden environment, and are in clothing that’s easy to move in yet clearly thought out. One way to keep you and your partner aligned style wise is to choose a color to base your outfits around and play with personality from there!


Hannah and Bryan look amazing in their dark green accents. Hannah balanced her distressed jeans and boots with a green lace ruffle top. It is the perfect combination of festive but casual. Consider the setting of your shoot when assembling your photoshoot looks. If you want to frolic in a field of wheat and cozy up on a hiking trail, choose items that won’t look out of place while doing so, but styles that bring out your best features. Even if you’re on a walking trail, an engagement shoot is no time for sweatpants and gym t-shirts!

The couple’s hue of choice was echoed once again in Bryan’s quilted vest (perfect for the chilly autumn air) and plaid shirt. Bryan, like Hannah, paired his top with classic dark wash jeans and nice brown boots. Aside from their megawatt smiles, the couple is a great example of how coordinating your outfits to the locale, season, and one another, can do wonders.

Along with location, weather, your own preferences, and those of your partner, it’s always a good idea to consider classic garments for these types of photos. Much like your wedding attire, you want it to feel timely yet timeless - so that when you’re showing these images to future generations, you don’t look completely outdated.

Another gorgeous example of engagement shoot clothing at it’s finest is Christina and Tom, who we see above. They had Amy take their photos in Chicago in late January, so you know it was a cold one! But with a little planning beforehand, their camera time looked effortless, fashion forward, and warm!


Christina and Tom struck just the right chord with their garment choices. It doesn’t get much better than a well tailored camel coat or navy blazer. Strolling around urban Chicago, the couple’s coats kept the breeze at bay but allowed them to express themselves stylistically. Navy was a hue carried over into Christina’s skirt, while neutrals like grey, olive green, and dark denim rounded out the rest of the looks.

One of our favorite images is the couple huddled together under a plaid blanket - grey, cream and dark green, of course - standing against the Chicago skyline. Yet Christina and Tom’s easy, polished, and smart outfits looked just at home out on the streets as they did sharing a drink at a sit down bar! When you choose such classic pieces, you can be assured they’ll go with almost any setting.

We hope this article was helpful in getting over any pre- shoot jitters you might have had! I’d love to hear what you’re planning to wear for your engagement shoot in the comments, and how you came to choose the items you’re wearing.

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Have a great day, everyone!

~Michaela Neu Barteldt